What would you do?

Hey guys,

So i haven’t been on this blog in a long while. I have had a really big incident happened to me last Wednesday. My mum, brother and me were in a car crash. Another type of car, I can’t really remember what type but I think it was a Corsa, hit my mums car, Ford Galaxy (7 seater), on the left hand side where my brother was sat and tipped the car on 2 wheels and bounced back down to 4 wheels. My brother got the full hit but he was completely fine. My mum had spasm in her back and I was perfectly fine. We all had to go to A&E because we had to be checked out.

What would you do to stop thinking about it? Leave suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you so much,

girl thats shy, coming out of her shell xxx

to live and to love

Hey guys!

So this is my first post and i wanted it to be a little special but personal as well. So today in school this boy (i will call him… Gaunt Guy) Gaunt Guy was being a little bit crazy today. He was trying to flirt with me and it all got a little bit much. he is a sweet person but i dont like him. i only like him as a friend. if anyone has been in this situation post your comment below and i will try and get back to you ASAP.